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“Where my shoes carried me”


Martin Michaeli (founder and owner): “From the very beginning, my goal was to make the best shoe brand in the world and that passion has led me ever since.”

Founded in 1965 in France, Mephisto soon became the most popular walking shoe in every new market. While other walking shoes are often made of synthetics and are rarely touched by the human hand in the manufacturing process, these French footwear have retained the features of a natural product (soft leather, latex, cork and rubber), and each shoe still, despite a large number of customers, individually handcrafted in the spirit of an unsurpassed European tradition.

As early as 1975, Mephisto became a world-famous brand. “ORIGINALS” shoes paved the way for worldwide success thanks to uncompromising comfort and the revolutionary idea of ​​”casual” footwear for outdoor activities, and at the same time for the city. It all led to the opening of the first Mephisto store in 1984 in Germany. As as much as 80% of footwear is exported, Martin Michaeli also receives an “Oscar for export” from the French government. In the 1990s, Mephisto conquered the American and Canadian markets thanks to its focus on the natural, comfortable, with unquestionably high quality standards. Now the Oscars for export have been joined by a special recognition from the French government, namely, by opening the 150th store in the world, Mephisto becomes a true ambassador of French quality and style.

The ultimate success story

Another special year is certainly 1999 when Martin Michaeli became Entrepreneur of the Year in a competition of over 5,000 companies. Mephisto becomes the “Best Footwear Brand in France”, and the celebration continues with the opening of stores in Russia and China. Recognition is also coming from America, for outstanding design in the field of men’s shoes. 2002 is the time to strengthen the Mephisto family with a new lifestyle brand – “ALLROUNDER by MEPHISTO”. The brand designed for urban hiking trends was quickly embraced by younger and older. The first sports collection was presented in 2003, along with leather fashion accessories, socks, etc., which positioned MEPHISTO as the ultimate lifestyle brand.

A new technological milestone occurred in 2006 when SOFT-AIR technology was integrated into all MEPHISTO shoes. The launch of the SANO brand – fitness and wellness shoes, thanks to the latest technology in two zones, has been a huge global success.

In 2009, Martin MICHAELI wrote a biography entitled “Where did my shoes take me” and in 2010 the number of stores grew to over 800, of which 75 were in China.

In 2011, Mephisto came to Croatia and opened its first store in Zagreb, and today it has sales outlets in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. As expected, Croats immediately recognized and embraced this global brand, which is growing in our area from year to year.

Mephisto in numbers:

– present at over 18,000 outlets worldwide
– over 800 stores worldwide
– each season it offers over 600 models of handmade shoes and sandals of the highest quality
– 160 to 220 steps in the production of each pair of shoes
– every day in production a quantity of leather equivalent to the size of 2 football pitches is consumed
– in Croatia present in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka

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