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Having wide feet can be a difficult challenge when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes. If you have wide feet, you might know how difficult it is to find shoes that fit comfortably. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right pair, but you also have to consider the aesthetics and functionality of the shoes. With the right features, you can find a pair that fits you comfortably and looks great.

When shopping for shoes for wide feet, it’s important to pay attention to certain features to ensure a comfortable fit and support.

Here are some key characteristics to look for:

1. Wide front part of the shoe 

Provides additional space for the toes, enabling optimal comfort and support. This is especially important if you’re looking for a pair of formal shoes, as they tend to have a narrower toe section.

2. Flexible upper 

Choose a material that stretches and moves with the foot. This will help the shoe fit well and not cause discomfort.

3. Arch support 

A necessary characteristic of shoes for wide feet. Look for shoes that have a supportive midsole and insole that will provide stability and arch support. This is especially important for those who stand or walk for a long time. Also look for shoes with flexible soles to help absorb shock.

4. Heel 

Essential for providing stability and support. Look for shoes that have a firm supportive heel that will provide extra support to the back of the foot.

5. More width 

Ensures that the shoe fits well and is not too tight or uncomfortable.


Mephisto Berto ankle boots are ideal elegant shoes. Made of black natural leather, these shoes are ultra light and have a soft sole that guarantees a good grip on any surface. With a detachable insole with integrated Soft-Air technology, they reduce impact to a minimum for gentle, effortless walking. Elegant, comfortable and perfectly suited for men with wide feet.


Mobils ankle boots Odalia are the perfect choice for women with wide feet who want an elegant shoe. Black, smooth and soft leather provides a modern look. Soft-Air technology ensures maximum comfort when walking, while the ultra-light sole provides additional flexibility. The replaceable insole also supports the natural movement of the foot with every step, providing additional comfort. With these characteristics, Mobils Odalia is the best option for women with wide feet who want an elegant and comfortable shoe.


Classic ankle boots made from blue leather are another ideal elegant choice for men with wide feet. With a lacing system that allows quick lacing without pressure, they adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the foot. The innovative Soft-Air midsole reduces the shock of walking to an absolute minimum, relieving the joints and spine. The anatomically shaped replaceable insole of the Mephisto Evrard ankle boots supports the natural movement of the foot with every step, cushioning strong impacts.


Mobils Peryne ankle boots are the perfect choice for women with wide feet. The removable insole with Soft-Air technology offers cushioning and support, while the ergonomic cut ensures a comfortable fit. All-Round Padding ensures maximum comfort and stress-free walking. The sole is extremely light and supple, providing a tireless ride no matter how long you wear them.


Casual lace-up sneakers Onyx are the ideal choice for men with wide feet who are looking for the most comfortable footwear. These shoes have a midsole with SoftAir technology that reduces shock to a minimum, providing an extremely comfortable experience. The Ultra Light outsole for flexibility and lightness and the replaceable insole support the natural movement of the foot with every step. All these characteristics make Nature is Future Onyx sneakers the best choice for men with wide feet.

Wing Fruit

Wing Fruit sneakers from the Nature is Future line are made of recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly and comfortable. They feature a 2cm heel and a fully integrated tongue, providing extra support and stability for wide feet. In addition, Soft-Air technology reduces shock and vibration, making them ideal for women who need extra cushioning for wide feet. With Wing Fruit sneakers, you can look stylish and feel comfortable all day.

Rody MT

For active men, there are Mephisto Rody MT shoes. These boots are rugged and comfortable, with a Soft-Air midsole that reduces shock for a smooth, fatigue-free walk. Mephi-Tex lining with leather parts provides optimal comfort and fit. An anatomically shaped removable insole also provides additional support and cushioning for any activity. With their waterproof and breathable properties, these shoes offer the perfect combination of comfort and functionality that active men need.


Mephisto Zelda ankle boots are perfect for women who love walking and hiking. These comfortable and warm boots are made of soft nubuck leather and are equipped with a warm lining. The detachable insole and outsole with ShockAbsorber reduce impact and guarantee effortless walking, making them an excellent choice for those with wide feet. With Mephisto Zelda ankle boots, you can enjoy outdoor activities carefree.


With their soft, smooth leather, Mobils Kristof shoes provide a comfortable fit with every step. The zipper on the side makes putting on shoes extremely easy. The innovative Soft-Air technology reduces the shock of walking, relieving the joints, vertebrae and spine. The ultra-light outer sole provides a tireless walk, and the comprehensive lining provides comfort to the foot. The replaceable insole supports the natural movement of the foot, while strong impacts are cushioned. All these features make these shoes an ideal choice for men who love to walk, but because of their wider feet, find it difficult to find the perfect pair for themselves.


Patrizia casual shoes from the Mobils line are ideal for women who like to walk. These shoes are made of quality leather in blue color and have a side zipper for easy putting on. The removable insole also helps to cushion and support the natural movement of the foot, making them a great choice for those with wide feet. The ultra-light sole provides exceptional flexibility and incomparable lightness. All these features make casual Mephisto Patrizia shoes an ideal choice for women who put comfort first.

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