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Goodyear Welt

Goodyear Welt is the one of the best footwear making techniques that guarantees complete comfort and durability.

Of course, everything starts with careful skin selection. It continues by sewing the individual leather elements that make up the upper part of the shoe. This part of the work is most often done by women, probably because this part of the production requires special precision. Then the complete upper part is put on a wooden mold to get the shape of the future shoe. A leather strap is sewn to connect the upper part to the inner sole. Granulated cork is added to the resulting cavity, and a sole is sewn to the edge. The process ends with painting the soles, polishing the shoes and hand tinting.

Every pair of Goodyear-Welt shoes are entirely handmade, therefore becoming a unique piece. Our Goodyear-Welts are unbelievably flexible. This construction also allows the resoling of these shoes. The leather lining caters for a healthy climate in the shoe.

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