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Summer’s Here And It’s Time For Sandals

Right now it seems that we had to wait a little longer for the freedom of movement without socks and shoes, but now it’s time for the new models of Mephisto sandals to dominate the streets for.

The new Mephisto sandals collection is playful with both colors and patterns, sticking to the proven formula for easy and healthy walking, at any age. The firm soles make the shoes a good choice for active families.

From flat models, through platforms to smaller fives…, technologies that help preserve health are woven into each model.

Let’s start with natural colors, continue with quality without compromise as a result of long-term performance in many small steps for big undertakings, and round off the whole story with innovative technologies that make walking light, airy and unstoppable.

Seline sandals

Mephisto Slip on cork sandals

Cork slip on sandals have taken over coastal and urban oases. They often turn from shoes for long walks into allies for night outs. Choose your model and color and indulge in the summer magic. Don’t forget that the main element of the Mephisto slipper is cork, 100% natural, produced from oak from sustainable plantations in Portugal, giving you the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment.

Mephisto Sandals

Summer is the time of the year that leaves no room for uncomfortable shoes. Of course, the visual impression must not be missing, and precisely because of this, Mephisto sandals are an excellent choice. The play of colors, the sole, the highest quality materials and a series of innovations from Mephisto make the summer heat more tolerable and the days longer. They are ideal with pants, skirts, summer dresses.

If you have a sore back like a large portion of today’s population, our flat sandals and women’s platforms will allow you to walk effortlessly. The SOFT-AIR mid-sole guarantees supreme comfort, together with SHOCK-ABSORBER and AIR-RELAX technologies for healthy foot hygiene, shock absorption when walking and less strain on your back.

We must not forget our ultra-light sandals that have a changeable insole, Velcro fasteners to adapt to every foot, and there is a whole palette of colors at your disposal.

Flip Flops

Mephisto Flip Flops have shown the entire range of Mephisto colors in our line of irresistible flip flops. Slightly trendy, yet ultra-light and comfortable, Mephisto flip flops will appeal to all women in your family, regardless of age. One hundred percent natural cork, smooth leather, metallic models, flip flops with perforated stars… just about every taste can be satisfied in our summer footwear collection.

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