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Color: Beige
Brand: Mephisto



These trendy new Olimpia by Mephisto sneakers offer optimal comfort and excellent fit. The removable insole that incorporates SOFT-AIR technology and the 4.5 cm rubber outsole with SHOCK-ABSORBER, reduces impacts to a minimum and guarantees a flexible and fatigue-free walk. With AIR-RELAX technology, the anatomy of the foot is respected to avoid sagging the arch the foot. In addition to the lacing, it is easy to put on thanks to its side zipper.

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Color Code V.3612N/O.47312/P.10125N/S7830
Model Code P5139142

Women's Shoe Sizes

Mephisto Size2.533.544.555.566.577.588.59
Soft-Air technology

The innovative SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY is the secret behind the extraordinary walking comfort when wearing any MEPHISTO shoes: The flexible, permanently elastic and extremely soft SOFT-AIR midsole reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum. This relieves the joints, vertebrae and the spine - it is like walking on a soft carpet of moss, making you feel fit and full of energy even after many hours of wear.

Shock Absorber Protection

The shape of the shock absorber has been optimized to promote more comfort while walking and to efficiently reduce all shock. The SHOCK ABSORBER protects the heel every step of the way. Maximum heel protection is achieved by the shock absorber. The shock is gently absorbed away.

Removable Footbed

The flexible removable footbed is made of natural and breathable materials that are shock absorbing as well. This footbed is easily replaceable. It could also be washed, promoting proper foot hygiene. The anatomic footbed adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot thus improving overall fit.


Our feet spend long hours inside shoes every day. For many people this leads to increased perspiration - the climate inside the shoe is similar to a sauna, which often leads to uncomfortable side effects! The AIR-JET system promotes the circulation of fresh air inside the shoes, ensuring an optimal climate and pleasant freshness for the foot. Air circulation brings a feeling ofconstant freshness inside the shoes. Regulating the temperature inside your shoes is acomplished. This system allows for proper foot hygiene.