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Color: Blue
Brand: Mephisto


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The Carole is a real lightweight women’s classic Mephisto shoe. The small hook-and-loop closure at the back of the shoe makes its elegant design even more attractive. It is light and fresh, with a soft-air midsole that absorbs impact shock to protect your joints and vertebrae while maintaining good hygiene. The wall is made of Supawool, which prevents chafing during sports due to its high breathability and fast-drying properties.

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Color Code MA.30055/CE.9955/VP12245/2755
Model Code P5132010

Women's Shoe Sizes

UK - Mephisto size22.533.544.555.566.577.588.59
Soft-Air technology

The innovative SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY is the secret behind the extraordinary walking comfort when wearing any MEPHISTO shoes: The flexible, permanently elastic and extremely soft SOFT-AIR midsole reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum. This relieves the joints, vertebrae and the spine - it is like walking on a soft carpet of moss, making you feel fit and full of energy even after many hours of wear.

Shock Absorber Protection

The shape of the shock absorber has been optimized to promote more comfort while walking and to efficiently reduce all shock. The SHOCK ABSORBER protects the heel every step of the way. Maximum heel protection is achieved by the shock absorber. The shock is gently absorbed away.

Ultra Light

The ultra light outsole combines extreme suppleness with incomparable lightness. The assurance of a tireless walk.

Interchangeable Insole

The anatomically shaped interchangeable insole supports the foot‘s natural movement with every step. At the same time, hard impacts as a result of footfall are noticeably cushioned. As a result, every MOBILS shoe and sandal guarantees natural, comfortable and stress-free walking. And of course you can easily change the insole for another one of your choosing.