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Mephisto sandals – ideal partner for long summer walks


During summer temperatures, our feet require breathable footwear suitable for walking on hot asphalt. That’s why every pair of Mephisto sandals is made from premium materials to ensure quality and durability. Perfect for both casual outings and more formal settings, Mephisto sandals are an indispensable part of your summer wardrobe. Explore the novelties today and step into comfort like never before.

A perfect combination of comfort and style – Nadek and Laure

Nadek sandals for men are designed with attention to detail, offering unparalleled comfort and durability. Crafted from full-grain leather, these sandals provide premium feel and breathability. A special feature is the SOFT-AIR midsole made of cork, which absorbs shocks and promotes perfect hygiene, which makes them ideal for long walks. In addition, AIR-RELAX technology respects the anatomy of the foot, prevents lowered arches and ensures an ideal fit with adjustable straps.

For women, Laure sandals offer a chic yet comfortable option for summer outings. These sandals have a modern design with premium materials that ensure durability and elegance. The soft leather lining provides exceptional comfort, while the adjustable straps offer a customizable fit. Lightweight construction and ergonomic design make Laure sandals an ideal choice for all-day wear, whether you’re walking around town or relaxing on the beach.


Activity and comfort – Honduras and Norine

Designed for the active man, Honduras sandals have a robust construction with a sporty flair. Featuring Mephisto’s signature SOFT-AIR technology, these sandals provide exceptional cushioning, making them perfect for long walks. Adjustable straps and a robust sole offer excellent traction on a variety of terrains.

Norine sandals combine sporty design with feminine elegance. Equipped with SOFT-AIR technology and the EASY-WALKING system, these sandals support the natural function of the foot and stimulate neglected muscles, providing comfort and an improved walking experience. The lightweight design, combined with adjustable straps and leather lining, ensures a perfect fit and a healthy climate for the feet.


Classic and chic look – Valden and Nasma

Valden sandals from Mephisto by Mobils are the epitome of sophistication. Made of premium leather, they offer style and comfort. With Mephisto SOFT-AIR technology, these sandals ensure a soft, fatigue-free walking experience, perfect for any occasion.

Nasma sandals bring a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with their elegant design and full heel. Equipped with SOFT-AIR and SHOCK-ABSORBER technologies, they provide incomparable comfort and support, which makes them ideal for all-day wear. The most comfortable walking experience is in Mobils sandals.


Functionality and elegance – Tito and Talissa

With their sleek and contemporary design, Tito sandals for men are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They feature high-quality leather straps that offer durability and a touch of sophistication. Available in navy blue, they can easily complement any outfit, from casual shorts to a more polished summer outfit.

Mephisto is known for its commitment to comfort, and the Talissa sandals are no exception. Equipped with Soft-Air technology, these sandals provide exceptional cushioning, reducing the impact on your feet and joints. Whether you’re walking around town or attending a summer event, Talissa sandals keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.


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