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Nature is Future

nature is future

“Nature is Future” by Mephisto, a new brand of sneakers made entirely of recycled materials and manufactured entirely in Europe.

Local production, sustainability, and caring for the planet and the community are popular terms that often remain empty letters on paper. That’s not the case with Mephisto—it’s a commitment, a decision to contribute to the community, produce locally, exclusively in Europe, and use recycled materials from Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany. Mephisto thus takes care of employees, the environment, and the future of all clients and the entire society. In addition, the result is fantastic because clients all over the world love to be part of the change and wear these irresistible sneakers.

nature is future

Mephisto sneakers are comfortable, durable, and have a positive impact on society.

In the last stage before being released on the market, all sneakers passed through the hands of the best Mephisto masters in the workshops. They are also packed in recycled packaging, and Mephisto also thinks about delivery that is subject to all sustainable certificates on the release of gases into the environment, etc. And what comes in the package and what you find at the points of sale are truly special. Mephisto sneakers from the “Nature is Future” line come in a variety of colors that correspond to your preferences and mood. In addition, they are light and flexible, made of breathable materials, support the foot for the most comfortable walk, and reduce shocks while walking. The design is interesting—the holey fabric and interesting flexible sole with drop-shaped prints guarantee playfulness and impact in the city and nature.

Check out our new models.

Woody model for womens

Ogar model for mens

nature is future

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